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About Other / Hobbyist Cesar SanchezMale/United States Group :iconthe-everything-show: The-Everything-Show
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  • Mood: Dead
  • Listening to: BuiBui's Theme
  • Reading: Malicious Advice Mallard
  • Watching: To Inhale a Predator.
  • Playing: LocoRoco
  • Eating: Wendy's
  • Drinking: Deep (throat) Blue
:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Do I sound familiar? DON'T THINK ABOUT IT.

New! :iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Want to cut through butter easier? Place your knife in the toaster while toasting your bread!

New! :iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Have loose skin next to your nail? Just rip it off! 

New! :iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Someone hogging the road? Flash your high beams at them so they'll pull over and check their car.

New! :iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: If a girl tells you she has crabs, the correct response is, "I don't believe you."

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Don't buy a car, Buy a gun! You can get a car, WITH A GUN!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Having trouble scooping the Ice-Cream with a normal spoon? Heat up the spoon in the MICROWAVE.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Speeding at night? Turn off the lights so the cops can't see you.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Not sure if a woman's pregnant? JUST ASK.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Thirsty after brushing teeth? Why not Orange Juice? It boosts the whites of your mouth.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Have a stain on your car's paint that won't come out? Use SANDPAPER.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Don't use your turn signal. It's no one else's business where you're going.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: If a girl says she doesn't want anything for her birthday. Don't get her anything! She'll know you're a good listener!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Can't choose between "you're" and "your"? Use Ur so ur always right!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Want ur knife to cut through butter easier? Put the knife in the toaster while the bread toasts as well!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: If you need to puke for any reason, use the sink. It's closer to the door and you won't clog ur toilet!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Alcohol can be a disinfectant when ur sick. Drink as much as you can! Especially during fevers for best results.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Wide screen frozen? Pour some boiling water on it.

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: You can immediately stop the pain of fresh paper cuts with lemon juice!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: Not feeling talkitive during any social event? Cocaine always makes you feel like ur ready to get out there! (literally)

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: The best way to calm anyone down is just to simply say, "Calm Down!"

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: If ur ever homeless, murder a person then you'll get life in prison! Don't worry! It's just free food, water shelter and a social ground to make great for the rest of your life!

:iconbuibuiplz::iconsaysplz: I almost forgot! If any piece of toast is stuck in the toaster, use a fork to get it out!


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Cesar Sanchez
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United States
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Whoops I'm kinda late. But your photos are beautiful! Never seen anything like it!
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